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Terrace gardens also known as rooftop gardens are a beautiful outdoor living space which can becreated at your place. A terrace garden has features like sitting lounge, pergola, wooden deck, bar, water bodies, vertical gardens, outdoor furniture, etc. However, finding a place to build your garden in this concrete jungle called cities can be a little challenging. There are concrete buildings, roads, markets everywhere you see. Does that mean all the plant lovers living in the cities can’t build their gardens anymore? Well, what are rooftops for? Just think of your roof garden with all the beautiful flowers, fresh organic veggies, and fruits just a few steps away from you. One can easily transform their rooftop into a terrace garden.
It doesn’t matter how big or small your rooftop is, with the right planning and little efforts you can transform your terrace into a garden. It’s a myth that building a terrace garden costs a lot. There are multiple ways to go about revamping your terrace, it all depends on the time and money investment you are willing to make. Waterproofing is an important step in the process of building a terrace garden. It’s like laying the foundation of the building before you start constructing. Leakages and roof damage can get difficult to manage for the people living in and around the building.
Waterproofing can be done in various ways; one of the effective ways to waterproof your roof is by the application of polymer coating on the concrete slab. Once the coating is done, you can get started with your terrace garden.
Drainage System
Having a proper drainage system before building a terrace garden is important. Without a drainage system, the excess water will collect in places and damage your roof. Most of the rooftops have water drainage systems installed while it’s built.
Terrace Gardening Investment
It only takes a one-time investment to build a terrace garden. Then, it’s just about maintaining the garden. You will need to invest in waterproofing, equipment, containers, seeds, etc. Once you’re set to plant, you’ll need no penny. You’ll get a constant supply of greens and an abundance of satisfaction. Using the services of SHL, you can enjoy your favourite parties and hangouts with colleagues, friends, family, by installing your favourite terrace garden in your home or office. We provide a wide variety of plants, which can be grown in terrace gardens, from our established nurseries.

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