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Maintenance Services: -

A good landscaping maintenance service will help you meet the landscaping needs of all your properties year-round. You can certainly set something beautiful into motion with attractive landscape designs and installations, but to get the most out of your landscaped property, regular maintenance is required.

We provide annual maintenance contracts for offices/workplace complexes, factories, homes & residential complexes, Shopping malls, hotel motels, and restaurants, educational & institutional facilities, storefronts, and commercial property fronts, parks and parking lots, government establishments, etc. Our services consist of wholesome maintenance of outdoor and indoor plants and grass that are on site. We are among the few firms, which provide replacement guarantee for any plant dying, during the contract duration. SHL provides landscape maintenance services to both residential and commercial customers. As a full-fledged landscaping company, we can provide and maintain plants, trees, grass and can create beautiful and awesome landscape surroundings that are appealing to eyes and healthy to you, your family, your pets, and all the living and non-living beings.
Maintenance services are just as important as the initial installation and must be done properly and regularly for plants and trees to survive and flourish.

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