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Shraddha Horticulture & Landscaping

Shraddha Horticulture & Landscaping, an "Avant grade Green Company” is a leading provider of residential and commercial landscaping and gardening services, throughout the whole country. We are based in NCR and commenced our amazing journey, way back in 2017, in April. We offer professional landscape services, which thrives on your deep knowledge of aesthetic principles. Our company’s strength is helping you discover what you most desire for your indoor/outdoor area, and then turning that into reality through sound designs and careful makeover. Thoughtful landscape design is key to creating an indoor/outdoor space that harmonizes well with the particularities of your property (size, geography, etc).


We at Shraddha Horticulture and Landscaping, have an inherent motivation, to make the world a greener and environment-friendly place. Our main mission and aim are to promote a balanced way of living with nature. All our actions are governed by a single-minded focus to make the world a healthier place and a much better environment for our future generations.

Who we are

SHL was founded by two friends, with a dream and passion of making it big in the field of gardening and landscaping. They are both seasoned professionals, with almost three decades of a nursery, gardening, and landscaping experience, for renowned customers, ranging from homes, offices to big malls, hospitals. Both of them worked extremely hard, after starting from scratch, and pooled their lifelong savings, into their mission. Their vision finally culminated into reality, in the year 2017, when the company SHL was established. Currently, Mr. Sandeep Singh is the Director of Shraddha Landscaping & Horticulture, who is doing a commendable job in taking the group to the top.

What we do

At SHRADDHA HORTICULTURE & LANDSCAPING (SHL), we perform a variety of roles, which consist of landscaping, gardening, consulting, etc.

Landscape design, popularly known as landscape architecture and landscaping, is the art of arranging and modifying landscape features, or a garden. It consists of planning, designing, and managing open spaces for making rural and urban areas. Landscape design (Indoor & Outdoor) has tremendous applications in a variety of projects, from parks to gardens, sports sites, and large areas such as housing projects, business parks, universities, hospital complexes, and so on. Landscaping can also be used to rejuvenate or improve sites such as Brownfield sites or contaminated sites.

There are hundreds of benefits of using, landscape. It can help reduce spaces between buildings, giving links between spaces, providing a path for people, water, and animals, which can provide a space for contemplation, recreation, gardening, and enhance improve environmental quality, and so on. A well-designed and maintained landscape attracts people to a site and has an amazing impact on property value and personal wellbeing.

Landscape design is divided into two types of gardening ‘softscape’ and 'hardscape'.


Softscape or popularly known as soft landscape includes all types of plant life, from trees, flowers to shrubs, and groundcover. It changes with time, due to climate, time of year, and other conditions.


Hard landscape or hardscape consists of the discrete elements of landscaping. Hardscaping is movable and adaptable to the environment. They also have effects on the soft environment, like paving which increases water run-off. This will also include walls, walkways, outdoor 'rooms' and performance areas, gazebos, fences, and so on. As Landscape designers, we can do a variety of work, which includes:

Our procedure

At SHL, we have a specific design procedure for our customer's project, consisting of three stages namely, design consultation, design conceptualization, contract proposal/construction drawings. Our prime motive during the client meeting for consultation design is to know the customer and their interests in our property. In this consultation, we first come to know, the exact requirements and also exchange ideas as technology helps clients to visualize landscaping design.

There are three stages in the customer's project: a design consultation, design conceptualization, and contract/construction drawings proposal. We endeavor to know the exact requirement during the client meeting. After this consultation, we come to know what the customer’s requirements are and then prepare a good plan of action. We will be able to create a unique design, designed specifically to fit the individual needs, lifestyle, and property of each customer. In the final stage, we will discuss the budget.

You will be delighted to know that we use the latest technology, to help our customers visualize the design of the landscaping. This consists of remarkable 3D visualizations to augmentative reality. We are among the few companies, which have our built-in software, which is used for landscaping design.

Our Vision

SHRADDHA HORTICULTURE & LANDSCAPING is set to become a profitable and diversified landscaping services firm, which will grow, by its strong reputation for its quality and experienced and dedicated workforce.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed our esteemed customer's expectations, by delivering the top quality of professional service based on confidence and trust.

Our Values

Quality Policy

SHL strives its best to deliver top-class quality services to its customers. We have a firm commitment to all the aspects of Quality, where the objectives are complete customer satisfaction. We shall strive for regular improvement in our processes, services, and systems based on customer satisfaction.

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